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25th January 2014

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The All-Day Battery


Basically, every day is the same. I wake up, I get ready for the day, I grab my phone, I grab my Mophie, and I’m off. About halfway through the day, my phone dies and my Mophie saves me. I get home and I charge both devices to get ready for the next day.

First of all, it’s ridiculous that Apple isn’t in this business themselves. I know that they want to portray the notion that the iPhone battery is “good enough”, but it’s not. I’m not saying it’s bad. It’s just not adequate for a full day of usage for many people. And I’m not sure what’s so wrong with admitting that and offering solutions to “power users”.

And, of course, it’s hardly just Apple. Basically every smartphone aside from a few which are mediocre devices, lacks a battery that is adequate for the modern needs of a power user. Just amongst my friends (again, mainly power users), well over half carry around a battery charger on most days.

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When I started using my Mophie, I would need it about 3 days in a week. Now, I rely on it every day, and about 3 days in a week, I worry about running out of my back up juice. That’s right, my back up juice.

I agree that the solution is in the not so distant future.


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    I wonder if solar panels on our devices can adequately take care of cords altogether.
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    This is an issue to be sure. However, I’m definitely a power user and I have no problem getting a day’s worth from my...
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    Honestly, and maybe I’m just not enough of a power user, I find myself only using all of my battery (and worrying about...